Hand Fellowship Accreditation | Erie, PA

Hand, Microsurgery and Reconstructive Orthopaedics is privileged to have an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) approved Hand Fellowship. Fellows are physicians who, after completing their training in orthopaedics, choose to pursue a subspecialty - in this case hand and upper extremity. This year’s Fellows are Andrew Mitchelson and Emily Abbott.

During their year as a Fellow, they receive additional training in shoulder, elbow, and wrist surgery as well as experience the care and management of acute trauma ranging from fractures to tendon injuries and complete amputations of fingers or arms.

When calling the office you may initially be referred to a Fellow or a Physician's Assistant, however, they are immediately in contact with any one of the senior partners and can arrange a phone call between you and one of the senior partners.

Let the certified Fellows of Hand Microsurgery in Erie, PA guide you through recovery.