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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital tunnel syndrome is a set of symptoms that may occur if the ulnar nerve in your elbow gets pinched. This may happen if you bend or lean on your elbows often. Many other things can cause the ulnar nerve to get pinched such as holding a phone to your ear for a long time, sleeping with arms tightly bent, a sudden elbow injury, or a past elbow fracture. Symptoms can be minor at first but may worsen over time. Common symptoms include:

Rest, medication, and changes in how you do various tasks can help ease the pain. One of our physicians at Hand Microsurgery will examine your hand and elbow and ask about your daily tasks in order to diagnose. They may also request to have some tests done such as x-rays. Most treatment plans for cubital tunnel syndrome begin with changing your actions that may have originally caused the problem.

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